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Conferred Graduates: Diplomas and Certificates

The presentation of candidates in absentia

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science, Barbara Crow:

Mister Chancellor, I have the honour to request that these degrees be awarded in absentia to those whom the Senate has duly declared worthy of the honour but are not present to receive it at your hands.

Chancellor Leech:

In the name of this university and by authority of Royal Charter, I admit them to these degrees with all their rights, privileges, and responsibilities.

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Faculty of Arts and Science

Certificate in Academic Writing

  • Chan, Abby Chak Yun
  • Hawley, Joanne Louise


Certificate in Data Analytics

  • Ahmad, Tayyab
  • Liu, Xiaotian


Certificate in Disability and Physical Activity

  • Bird, Margaret Katherine Audrey
  • Blair, Kara Ileana
  • Curry-Stevens, Michele
  • Edwards, Claire Margaret
  • Richardson, Alanna Isobel-Jane
  • Stoddart, Emily


Certificate in Employment Relations

  • Clarke, Manar
  • Doheny, Olivia-Xanthe Alexandra
  • Eliason, Arija Davina Elise
  • Fu, Jiale
  • Howe, Maximillian
  • MacRae, Page Judith
  • Parris-Otero, Jazmine Nicole
  • Szpilfogel, Veronica Brittany
  • Varin, Kaitlyn Patricia
  • Yang, Shengyu
  • Senior, Camillio Nikkiko


Certificate in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity

  • Desmarais, Dominique Julie
  • Eastman, Alexander
  • Goulding, Emma-Lee Dorene
  • Jagnandan, Padma Shania
  • Tang, Laura
  • Van Beers, Ella Catherine
  • Vile, Emily


Certificate in Geographic Information Sciences

  • Alessio, Emily Anne
  • Anderson, Samantha Lise
  • Eng, Sara Rachel Yalonetsky
  • Gharib, Zainab
  • Greene, Jordan
  • Healey, Madeline Grace
  • Holthus, Jonah
  • Mantifel, Alexa Lyn
  • Morales, Joshua
  • Murali, Malavika
  • Pipe, Alexandra Britannia
  • Smythe, Megan Elizabeth
  • Tchilinguirova, Karolina Dobromirova
  • Zuo, Xiaomeng


Certificate in Global Action and Engagement

  • Lee, Subin
  • Liu, Jie Ying
  • Phillips, Jessica Claire
  • Warwick, Meghan Chelsey Lee


Certificate in Media Studies

  • Chan, Abby Chak Yun
  • Liu, Nancy
  • Bradshaw, Jane Madeleine Nora
  • Henriques, Alexia
  • Hertzer, Massimo
  • Ibbotson, Shelby
  • Jones, Alexandra Elizabeth
  • Rasmussen, Adelaide
  • Stead-Fecser, Sean
  • Vile, Emily
  • Walker, Emily Margaret

Certificate in Mohawk Language and Culture

  • Beck, Rachael Catherine
  • Brant, Jennifer Elaine
  • Brant, Jessica
  • Brant, Marilyn
  • Brant, Tina
  • Green, William
  • Hill LaRue, Bev
  • Hill, Callie
  • Lisk, Shelby
  • McBeath, Brittany May
  • McGrattan, Jennifer
  • Sedore-McCoy, Dianne Lynne


Certificate in Sexual and Gender Diversity

  • Anderson, Kaelynn Grace
  • Dempsey, Margaret Rose Beatrix
  • Fraser-Boychuk, Madeline Mae
  • O'Brien, Kayla Elizabeth
  • Pinto, Jude Akira
  • Pritchard, Emma Margaret
  • Rowden, Aja Jinxiong Wan
  • Stephenson, Sadie Blair
  • Toop, Emily Michelle


Certificate in Urban Planning Studies

  • Anderson, Samantha
  • Bartlett, William
  • Barton, Desmond Howard
  • Chen, Jingkai
  • Dawson, Jenna Elizabeth
  • Deurloo, Jonathan
  • Eng, Sara Rachel Yalonetsky
  • Fawcett, Anna Margaret
  • Geisler, Jeremy Kenneth
  • Greene, Jordan
  • Han, Chaoqun
  • Kavaslar, Cesur Cem,
  • Lloyd, James William
  • Lobban, Kathryn Rhys
  • Madhani, Qaher Arifali
  • Morales, Joshua
  • Murali, Malaviki
  • Smythe, Megan
  • Unger-Basappa, Kiran Vinayaka Andre
  • Whiting, Ethan


International Studies Certificate

  • Bateman, Melanie
  • Bathily, Kenza
  • Bottan, Brittany Blue
  • Busch, Sieglinde Awura Akua
  • Dallow, Alexandra Karin
  • Daoust, Sydnie Michelle
  • Feng, Yuru
  • Gulick, Pascale
  • Kearney, Abigail Baker
  • Mostert, Hannah Grace
  • O'Brien, Kayla
  • Paquette, Terra
  • Seip, Emma Jane
  • Shikaze, Allison Joy
  • Stein, Eva Rose