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Conferred Graduates: Diplomas and Certificates

The presentation of candidates in absentia

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science, Barbara Crow:

Mister Chancellor, I have the honour to request that these degrees be awarded in absentia to those whom the Senate has duly declared worthy of the honour but are not present to receive it at your hands.

Chancellor Leech:

In the name of this university and by authority of Royal Charter, I admit them to these degrees with all their rights, privileges, and responsibilities.

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Faculty of Arts and Science

Certificate in Academic Writing

  • Butchart, Jennifer
  • Hanes, Karen Ann
  • Lalla, Maria
  • MacGillivray, Marina
  • Mercer Fraser, Jessie
  • Norris, Ana Vida
  • Robb, Olivia
  • Sampson, Aisling Mairead

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Certificate in Data Analytics

  • Andrevska, Violeta
  • Cai, Qiyuan
  • Wang, Yi
  • Yeung, Chris

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Certificate in Disability and Physical Activity

  • Bishop, Leah Rachel Bergh
  • Burns, Erin Elizabeth
  • Christie, Alana Mary
  • Demont, Abbey Elizabeth Grace
  • Gaherty, Clare Johnson
  • Guerrero, Sydney Francisca
  • Hennessey, Grace Mackenzie
  • Hodgson, Julia Mary Klein
  • Jodoin, Kaila Ann
  • Johns, Isabel Gwyneth
  • Kanan, Rachel Madison
  • Lagadin, Danielle Reese
  • Lambert, Miles Walter
  • Lamothe, Lauren Nicole
  • Lindsay, Emma Earline
  • Looman, Janelle
  • McCarney, Justine Erin Alexandra
  • Mohamed-Martone, Emily Grace
  • Osborne, Abigayle Danielle
  • Rosenberg, Marissa Carly
  • Rudman, Rachel
  • Somerville, Hannah Claire
  • Su-Williams, Ainsley Marion
  • Tigert, Emma Olivia
  • Vidovic, Nicole
  • Wang, Ben Kuan
  • Wood, Erin Dallas
  • Zumwalt, Cassandra Claire

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Certificate in Employment Relations

  • Chang, Winston
  • Dumont, Jennifer Elizabeth
  • Gimera, Amanda
  • Higgs, Marley Erin
  • O'Brien, Hayley
  • Papaevangelou, Julia Rose
  • Tremaine, Meghan Annette Rachel
  • Willis, Danielle Rebecca
  • Walsh, Stephanie

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Certificate in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity

  • Bertrand, Danika Elisabeth
  • Choi, Yeonsun
  • Finch, Mackenzie Taylor
  • Geddes, Jacob William
  • Kuntyj, Olena Julia
  • Moon, Jinyoung
  • Sable, Julia Madison

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Certificate in French for Professionals

  • Anderson, Rebecca Lynn Churchill
  • Berman, Sydney Hope Quan
  • Hannah, Allison Jane
  • Wu, Bonnie

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Certificate in Geographic Information Sciences

  • Chalifoux, Noah Johnston
  • Chang, Zhe
  • Cummings, Joel William
  • Fafalios, Christina
  • Holmes, Keith David
  • Khoultchaeva, Karina K
  • Lang, Kelsey Melissa
  • Lavigne, Kianna
  • MacKinnon, Sarah Margaret
  • Massad, Meghan
  • Morelli, Edwin
  • Phipps, Anna Rebecca
  • Portch, Jazmine Alice
  • Ronan, Gavin Thomas
  • Thomson, Rachel Lauren Arden
  • Woodford, Liam
  • Wright, Claire Michelle
  • Yaacoub, Sandra
  • Yang, Shuhao
  • Yang, Yu-Chan
  • Yu, Chi-Hsien
  • Zammit, Kayla Nicole

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Certificate in Global Action and Engagement

  • Beg, Aminah Fasahat
  • Black, Blythe Spirit
  • Dhingra, Vriti
  • Haque, Sabah
  • Moores, Caroline Emma Rumboldt
  • Robinson, Shawna Colleen
  • Tierney, Skylar Payton
  • Widrig, Devon

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Certificate in Media Studies

  • Anobile, Thalia Brooke
  • Barrafato, Jessica Lynn
  • Boucher, Claudia Melissa
  • Campbell, Graeme John
  • Dassanayake, Jessica Dilrukshi
  • Glover, Katharine Anne
  • Hart, Caroline
  • Holt, Emma Frances Louise
  • Huang, Yanan
  • MacGillivray, Marina
  • Miao, Xinxin
  • Oliveira, Patrice Danyelle
  • Pierroz, Kendra Shawn
  • Purdy, Rachel
  • Sharma, Asher
  • Spencer, Thomas Jack
  • Tomic, Maja
  • Xu, Keyun
  • Zhou, Zijian

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Certificate in Indigenous Languages and Cultures

  • Cole, Avery Elizabeth

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Certificate in Sexual and Gender Diversity

  • Avis Kozar, Maeve Gillian
  • Clarkson, Kelly-Marie
  • Drudge, Sarah Emily
  • Du, Xinyi
  • Haggerty, Cicely May
  • Katz, Madeline Alexandra Brown
  • King, Adekemi Elizabeth
  • Krishnakumar, Liveny
  • Leonard, Phaedra Christine
  • Levangie, Paige Elaine Louise
  • Macintosh, Erin Jane
  • Mao, Yi
  • McLaren, D. Carrie Nathanson
  • Sweeney-Tobin, Gabrielle Katherine

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Certificate in Urban Planning Studies

  • Condon, James Rae
  • Fellows, Madelen
  • Giroux, Mary Margaret
  • Lang, Kelsey Melissa
  • Lansley, Josephine Frances
  • Li, Hansong
  • MacKinnon, Sarah Margaret
  • Matthews, Olivia Eleanor
  • McDonell, Julia Jane
  • Moen, Megan
  • Morton, Treno Dunk
  • Murray, Kiyomi Irene
  • Phipps, Anna Rebecca
  • Rondinone, Amanda
  • Sqapi, Kristian
  • Underwood, Evan James
  • Villanyi, Lydia Katherine
  • Yang, Yu-Chan

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International Studies Certificate

  • Duncan, Emily Gayle
  • Evans, Clarissa Mary
  • Kurniawan, Febri
  • Li, Daochun
  • Loranger, Mackenzie Eli William
  • Nielsen, Wils
  • Opreff, Veronica Mara

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