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Conferred Graduates: Faculty of Health Sciences - Bachelor of Nursing Science / Bachelor of Health Sciences

The presentation of candidates in absentia

Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Jane Philpott:

Mister Chancellor, I have the honour to request that these degrees be awarded in absentia to those whom the Senate has duly declared worthy of the honour but are not present to receive it at your hands.

Chancellor Leech:

In the name of this university and by authority of Royal Charter, I admit them to these degrees with all their rights, privileges, and responsibilities.

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Faculty of Health Sciences

List of Conferred Graduates




Bachelor of Nursing Science

  • Adamczyk, Samantha Ashley
  • Barton, Shalisa Ann Martina
  • Burgess, Nicole Charlene Kimberly
  • Carriere, Nicholas
  • Casola, Emma Josephine
  • Cheung, Tiana Kristen, Honours
  • Colling, Mackenzie Anne Dorthea
  • Coulson, Chloe Rae
  • Cunningham, Mackenzie Lynne
  • Daschko, Alexandra, Honours
  • Franco, Nazaiah Penamora
  • Garner, Samantha Rose
  • Goertz, Avery Lynn, Honours
  • Goris, Bridgid Anne
  • Grnak, Remi Anita
  • Hart, Erin Elizabeth
  • Heffernan, Sophie Elizabeth
  • Hitchman, Shionne
  • Irvine, Rachael Donna, Honours
  • Jackson-Kelso, Sophia Meredith Gabrielle, Honours
  • Keels, Madison Lauren
  • Kennedy, Antoinette
  • Kennedy, Hanna Stephanie
  • Kennedy, Mariah Coralee
  • Krzeczkowski, Alana Jean
  • Leader, Julia Sydney
  • Li, Jade Fee Nie, Honours
  • Lloyd, Holly Marie
  • Lock, Morgan Halen
  • Logan, Claire Amanda
  • Macgregor, Anne, Honours
  • Mackenzie, Georgia Page
  • MacRae, Nora Cynthia, Honours
  • Maggs, Leslie Joan, Honours
  • Manalo, Francesca Loise, Honours
  • Martin, Brooklyn Nicole
  • Maybee, Kyra
  • McAlpin, Arden Faye, Honours
  • Mellon, Elysa Carolyn
  • Morris, Maddison Bridget
  • Mulkewich, Alison
  • Murnaghan, Mary Morgan
  • Ning, Ning
  • Paspalofski, Anastasia Naska
  • Patterson, Michaela Tyshanna
  • Patterson-Mahoney, Caleigh-Marie
  • Pearson, Camille Mary Ruth
  • Peirce, Briar Mackenzie St. John
  • Pomerleau, Jordan
  • Prescott, Marlee Margaret
  • Pukrop, Marta Anna, Honours
  • Riddell, Jennie Elizabeth
  • Sandrasagra, Lauren Nicole, Honours
  • Saunders, Stephanie Margaret, Honours
  • Schoular, Sarah
  • Sinclair, Taryn Margaret
  • Smith, Hailey Violet
  • Son, Ji Eun
  • Sontag, Hayley Christina, Honours
  • Spoor, Arianna Elizabeth Torrible, Honours
  • Thomson, Brenna
  • Titus, Brooke Ireland
  • Troiani, Alex Alessandro
  • Van Bakel, Julia Helene
  • Verebes-Budge, Alyssa Erika
  • Wang, Jia-Shiuan
  • Wells, Leigh Alexandra
  • Wingfield, Christine Julia, Honours
  • Xie, Xiao Wen
  • Zimmerman, Sarah Kaitlyn Elizabeth, Honours




Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours)

  • Battista, Anna
  • Burry, Natasha Colleen
  • Cloutier, Catherine Marie Eliane, with Distinction
  • Dean, Carrie A, with Distinction
  • Douglas, Kurtis, with Distinction
  • Eaton, Cassandra Dianne
  • Farmer, Jaycee Renee, with Distinction
  • Graves, Michelle Elizabeth, with Distinction
  • Griffiths, Harold Garth, with Distinction
  • Henderson, Bria
  • Jacob, Amanda Melissa, with Distinction
  • Maw, Alexandra Lynn, with Distinction
  • Mousley, Claire Louise
  • Olsen, Christopher Danny, with Distinction
  • Plant, Alexandra Christine Calverley, with Distinction
  • Potter, Scotia Milena, with Distinction
  • Rogers, Logan Noel, with Distinction
  • Tozer, Kyla Marie, with Distinction
  • Watt, Hayley, with Distinction



Bachelor of Health Sciences

  • Darbhanga, Simon, with Distinction
  • Pennell, Lyane Renee, with Distinction
  • Young, Rachel Carol