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Conferred Graduates: Smith School of Business (Commerce)

July 15th 2021 cohort

The presentation of candidates in absentia

Dean of the Smith School of Business, Wanda Costen:

Mister Chancellor, I have the honour to request that these degrees be awarded in absentia to those whom the Senate has duly declared worthy of the honour but are not present to receive it at your hands.

Chancellor Leech:

In the name of this university and by authority of Royal Charter, I admit them to these degrees with all their rights, privileges, and responsibilities.

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Smith School of Business

List of Conferred Graduates




Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)

  • Anand,Anirudh Kapur
  • Baker,Melissa Rose
  • Bilic,Adrian Damir
  • Bowman,Samantha
  • Chan,Man Chi
  • Cooper,Emilia Louise
  • Fitzpatrick,Olivia Hope
  • Johal,Reid Jackson
  • Laviolette,Nicholas Roger
  • Li,Siyuan
  • McCutcheon,James Douglas
  • Merchant,Hasnain Ayaz
  • Mitchell,Garrett James
  • Morton,Whitney Nicole
  • Muldoon,Beatrice Anne
  • Oliveira,Emily Erin Taylor
  • Philpott,Tara Nicole
  • Pink,Travis Macey
  • Stanton,Charles Hayes
  • Tomlinson,Hayden Matthew
  • Twardowski,Alexander James
  • Vaughan,Claire Ava
  • White,Matthew Pater Arthur
  • Yau,Ho Ting
  • Young,Isabel
  • Zhao,Zongjin
  • Zou,Kelly Weiling