School of Religion

2018 AAR/SBL Conference Update

The annual American Academy of Religion/Society of Biblical Literature Conference was held in Denver, Colorado this year and was well attended by School of Religion faculty. Their participation covered a variety of activities including:


Faculty Member


Bill Morrow

Presented the following paper in the Deuteronomy section:
The Organization of Deuteronomy 12–26 as a Revision and Expansion of the Covenant Code.
This session was designed to honour the great German Old Testament scholar, Eckart Otto.

Sharday Mosurinjohn

Presented a paper at the Religion, Affect, and Emotion Unit called:
"For Boredom: A Conceptual Network of Cultural Objects."

Tracy Trothen

Presented a paper entitled:
"Cyborgs, Bots, and Heavenly Bodies? Sports, Spirituality, and Human Enhancement."

M. Shobhana Xavier

Responded to papers on a round table discussion on Teaching about Islam, Gender, and Women organized by the Islam, Gender, and Women Unit and Teaching Religion Unit. 

Richard Ascough

Attended but didn’t present this year.

Ellen Goldberg

Attended the JAAR editorial board meeting.

Matthew Dougherty

Presented a paper to the North American Religions Unit entitled:
“‘Coals Scattr’d From Jewish Altars’: The production of American Indian religion and comparative imperialisms in the early Americas.” 

Val Michaelson

Presented in the Decolonial Theology unit:
"Decolonizing Discipline": Decolonial perspectives on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Call to Action 6.
Also presented in the Childhood Studies and Religion unit:
“Like Spokes on a Wheel”: Spiritual health and mental health in Canadian adolescents.

Shawna Dolansky

Presented an invited paper in the SBL Philology special unit on Gender & Philology, entitled:
"The Essence of Conception: Philology and the Physics of Fertility in Ancient Israel." The paper will be published in a collection in Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israel some time in the new year.

Jason Kelly Presented a paper entitled:
Why Mystics Matter: Teaching Mysticism for an Uncertain Future,” in a joint session hosted by the Mysticism and Teaching Religion units.