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Introducing Dr. Jorge Legoas P

We are so thrilled to introduce our new faculty member Dr. Jorge Legoas P. To welcome Dr. Legoas to the department and get to know more about him we completed a virtual interview. Dr. Legoas is also teaching RELS 227- Indigenous traditions in N. America as well as RELS 809- Readings in Religion ll. The course descriptions for both of these courses will be available soon! Click here to read the full interview.



Introducing Dr. Ryan Anningson

We are so thrilled to introduce our new Flora Jane Baker Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Ryan Anningson. To welcome Dr. Anningson to the department and get to know more about him we completed a virtual interview. Dr. Anningson will also be teaching a new topics course this spring called "Religion, Race Creation, and Colonialism" so be on the lookout for the course description coming soon! Click here to read the full interview.



*CANCELED* The Present Life of Blasphemy Kanye West in American Popular Culture

Unfortunately due to travel restrictions related to the COVID-19 virus, among other things, Katherine Lofton will not be able to be in Kingston to give the Mather’s lecture. We will reschedule her for the Fall.

The Present Life of Blasphemy: Kanye West in American Popular Culture

What is Kanye West? Is Kanye a deluded misogynist or a sui generis artist -- or both, or neither? This talk will think about the career of the American rapper, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, and fashion designer as an instance in the longer history of blasphemy. Kanye West (b. 1977) is known for many things, but perhaps none more prominently than his sacrilege. The man who rapped, "I made Jesus Walks, I'm never going to hell," is also the man who said on TMZ: "When you hear about slavery for 400 years...for 400 years? That sounds like a choice." Situating his impiety in his artistry, placing his voice in the history of the African diaspora, American religious history, and pop culture prognostication, I suggest you can't understand the secular without understanding Ye's particular brand of offense. This talk has no debate about whether Kanye is (as he says he is) God’s vessel. God is the subject on which blasphemy's offense has been defined throughout history. God is also the source of Kanye West's recent hopeful creativity an evangelical productivity. Long would ask us to think about how these two forms -- blasphemy's offense and evangelical power -- came to co-creation in his dream.


Visiting Scholar Dr. Biko Mandela Gray presentation

“Sacred Blackness, Mystical Resistance: Religion and Blacklivesmatter.”

Dr. Biko Mandela Gray, an assistant professor of religion at Syracuse University, and a FAS Visiting Scholar in the School of Religion will be delivering a public talk entitled
"Sacred Blackness, Mystical Resistance: Religion and Blacklivesmatter" on February 26th from 2:30pm to 4pm.  The event is co-sponsored with the English Department and there will be a small reception following his talk.

More details to follow...


Bill Morrow's Retirement Reception

Bill Morrow's Retirement Reception

Monday, November 18th at the University Club


The day finally arrived to celebrate with Dr. Bill Morrow and his family his upcoming retirement.  Friends and co-workers gathered at the University Club to share stories and reminisce about Bill's time both at Queen's Theological College and now the School of Religion.

We appreciate all your years of teaching, research, and service Bill, and send our best wishes!