School of Religion

Joshua Noiseux

Joshua Noiseux is a PhD candidate in Cultural Studies at Queen’s University.  His research examines the ideas of “reciprocal presupposition”, “mutual-enaction”, and “co-dependence” across ecological philosophy, cognitive science, and Madhyamaka Buddhism.  Joshua aims to employ these ideas in the advancement of non-linear conceptions of causality, agency, and ecology. The hypothesis of Joshua's project is that the Madhyamaka Buddhist understanding of causality may provide ecologically constructive ways to think and experience human agency within "nature". Joshua's article “Work That Causes Harm: Violent Labour and the Ecology of Suffering” was published this year in the Canadian Review of American Studies.  Committed to cultivating ecological resilience, Joshua and his wife Janita are the operators of Evermeadow Farm, a regenerative agriculture start up near Cobourg, Ontario