School of Religion

Students lying on grass studying in front of Time sculpture

Welcome to Religious Studies

Religious Studies involves understanding core values and beliefs that shape the world's cultures today. This involves examining the history of religious traditions, comparing the ideas and values of different religions, and understanding the function of religion in society. Students of religion use various theories from disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, psychology, history, literary studies, and cognitive science to investigate why people are religious, where religion comes from, and how it should be defined and understood. Religious studies is multi-disciplinary in nature, global in scope, and uniquely focused on one of the most intriguing aspects of the human experience.

We offer Minor, Medial and Major Plans for undergraduate students, a wide range of popular elective courses and a one-year MA Program in Religious Studies.

CAREER POSSIBILITIES: Human Resources, Immigration Services, International Development; Journalism, Law, Museums, NGO field work and administration, Politics and Government, Public Relations, Research, Social Services, Teaching, Tourism, Work in religious communities.

Please come and visit our department in Theological Hall, or feel free to contact any of our faculty or our office with questions about our courses and programs.