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The Road to Reconciliation and the Protection of Children

Engaging with Robust Theologies that Honour the Dignity of Children

A free, public lecture

Friday, October 20, 7:30pm
Theological Hall
Queen's University

The Rt. Revd. Mark MacDonald, Anglican Indigenous Bishop
Dr. Marcia Bunge, Professor of Religion and Bernhardson Distinguised Chair, Gustavus Adolphus College

In 2015, the Truth and REconciliation Commission issued 94 Calls to Action, providing a roadmap for reconciliation. Number 6 calls upon the Government of Canada to remove the law that allows corporal punishment of children. In the church (today and past), corporal punishment has been based on narrow interpretations of the Bible. Yet the Bible and Jesus' own teachings value children as gifts to the whole community and as bearers of God's image. This lecture explores how a deeper understanding of the Bible and a richer theology of childhood strengthens the church's commitment in the areas of reconciliation and child protection, and help us all to honour the fulll humanity and contributions of children.