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New Faculty Member to Join Queen's School of Religion

The School of Religion is delighted to welcome Dr. Shobhana Xavier as a member of faculty.

Dr. Xavier has a PhD in Religion and Culture from the joint Wilfrid Laurier U program in Religious Diversity in North America. 

Her work is in areas such as transnational Sufism; religion, race and ethnicity; religion and migration; religion and gender; and sacred spaces.   

She has already published several articles and two books:  Sacred Spaces and Transnational Networks in American Sufism:  Bawa Muhaiyaddeen and Contemporary Shrine Cultures (Bloomsbury Press, 2018) and, with Meena Sharify-Funk and William Rory Dickson, Contemporary Sufism:  Piety, Politics and Popular Culture (Routledge, 2017).