School of Religion

The annual "Our Whole Society" Conference was held at The University of Toronto this year, from April 28th to 30th
Tracy Trothen was an invited speaker at the plenary session on "Technology, Values and Society."


On April 28-30, 2019, the Canadian Interfaith Conversation is sponsoring the fourth conference called “Our Whole Society,” which aims to foster a new dialogue about the changing role of religion in a pluralistic Canadian society. Previously held in Montreal (2013), Vancouver (2015), and Ottawa (2017), and now taking place in Toronto (2019), the gathering brings together leading thinkers from all sectors of society to create a space for meaningful exploration, where a variety of insights can shed light on the place and contribution of religion in a secular age. Past speakers have included leading Canadian thinkers and writers such as: John Ralston Saul, John Borrows, Marie Wilson, and Daniel Weinstock.

In this conference, we are building on an approach to discourse that seeks to draw on insights from diverse religious and secular traditions of thought to navigate the challenges of constructing a society that is more robust and unified amidst its diversity. Our three sub-themes are: Rethinking Identity, Addressing Extremism and Polarization, and Technology, Values and Society.

To learn more, see the "Our Whole Society" Conference Program.