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What’s in a Grade?

Dr. Liying Cheng is a professor of teaching English as a second/foreign language and Peer Research Consultant in the Faculty of Education at Queen’s University. She is also the director of the Assessment and Evaluation Group at Queen’s and was a recipient of the 2017 Prize for Excellence in Research, Queen’s signature internal research honour. Her research interests include the impact of large-scale testing on instruction, the relationship between assessment and instruction, and teaching and learning English for academic purposes.

Lindsay Morcom

Empowerment through Revitalization

As Indigenous communities around the world work to ensure the survival of their languages, it is becoming clear that the best language planning approaches involve learning opportunities for families and individuals of all ages.

Learning to Live (Not Walking in Line)

Theodore Christou
The history of research and scholarship in education is a record of our efforts to make sense of the world. How ought we to live? What should we learn, embrace, and resist? From antiquity to anarchism, or, from Aristotle to Pink Floyd, we have known that we should never confuse schooling with education. Schools, whether they are traditional, progressive, colonial, or transgressive, have all been instruments of oppression as well as resistance.
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Wall graffiti in Thessaloniki, Greece
Faculty, Faculty of Education (Cross-appointment, History)
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Christopher DeLuca speaking with teachers at table.
Christopher DeLuca: Classroom Learning and Assessment
Azza Sharkawy speaking to students.
Azza Sharkawy: Making elementary science education more accessible
Rena Upitis: Digital tools that support music education
Rena Upitis: Digital tools that support music education


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