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Meredith Chivers

Exploring female sexuality to improve women's lives

[Meredith Chivers photo]

Dr. Meredith Chivers - a leading investigator in female sexuality research - explores the intricacies of women's sexual lives.

Her revolutionary research examines the psychological and physiological characteristics of female desire and arousal to understand the basic operating mechanisms of the female sexual response system and apply this knowledge to treat women's sexual problems.

To do this, Dr. Chivers measures women's sexual responses to sexual stimuli in her laboratory and compares women's self-reported reactions to their physical responses. The results have exposed a disconnection between women's minds and bodies, making it clear that there is still much to be understood about female sexuality and underscoring the importance of Professor Chivers' cutting-edge research.

With investigations in such diverse areas as sexual orientation, sexual assault, gender identities, and sexuality in post-partum women and cancer survivors, Professor Chivers' innovative work explores many facets of female sexuality to improve women's lives.

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