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Keith Banting

The RSC is the senior national body of distinguished Canadian scholars, artists, and scientists. It exists to promote Canadian research and scholarly accomplishment, and to advise governments, non-governmental organizations and Canadians on matters of public interest. Fellows are selected by their peers for outstanding contributions to the natural and social sciences, in the arts and in the humanities.

[Keith Banting]

Credit: Bernard Clark

In Canada and internationally, debates over social policy are often intense because they deal with real-world issues of justice and fairness. Social policy affects citizens directly in ways that many government programs do not. Dr. Keith Banting, a world-renowned expert in the field, has examined social policy through a number of lenses: federalism, globalism, and multiculturalism, analyzing the impact of these factors on the welfare state. He has made his mark by bringing rigorous social science to bear on these highly-charged debates, often redefining these complex issues.

"I am greatly honoured by my election to the RSC, and I am looking forward to conversations with my new colleagues across the full range of disciplines."

Banting’s nuanced contributions to social policy have caught the attention of governments around the globe — he has made over 39 presentations to government agencies on three continents. His publications have been translated into seven foreign languages, and he is currently serving in an advisory capacity to research centres in several European countries.

Banting is also a celebrated leader. As President of the Canadian Political Science Association (2009-2010), Vice-President of SSHRC (1990-1992) and Director of the School of Policy Studies (1992-2003), he proved creative in building bridges between the worlds of scholarly research and of policy-making, founding and developing a number of innovative programs (e.g. the Queen’s International Institute on Social Policy, an annual conference that brings together researchers from across the world to debate contemporary issues). Among many awards for his inspiring leadership and contributions to policy research, Banting was invested as a Member of the Order of Canada (2004) and received an honorary degree from Stockholm University (2012).

(e)Affect Issue 2, Fall 2012

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