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Frozen in Time: Unveiling the Mysteries of Turner Glacier through Glaciological Research in Akshayuk Pass

Glaciological research on Turner Glacier in Akshayuk Pass involves studying the physical properties and behavior of the glacier, as well as the surrounding environment, to better understand the dynamics of this glacial system. This includes measuring yearly snowfall, melt, and ice thinning to understand ice volume change and sea level contributions over the past 50+ years. By collecting and analyzing data over time, Queen's ICELab glaciologists can identify patterns and changes in glacial behavior, which can inform our understanding of climate change and its impact on northern environments. The research on Turner Glacier is part of a larger effort to study glacial systems around the world and develop strategies for mitigating the effects of climate change. Watch the full video:
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Graduate student
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Arts and Science
Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs
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Research in motion
[Photo of two researchers setting up monitoring equipment in the Arctic]
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Department of Geography and Planning
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Turner Glacier, Akshayuk Pass
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Wai Yin Cheung
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PhD Student, Geography and Planning