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Gastropod Mummy

This is a picture of a gastropod mummy laying down her egg cases. My research is to assess the stable isotope (C and O), clumped isotope (∆47), and trace element compositions of living and Quaternary shells from the Arabian/Persian Gulf. The aim is to link these analyses with modern oceanographic data to develop a robust proxy for understanding oceanographic change in the rock record. In simple terms, I am trying to link the shell chemistry with its surrounding environment and then use this link to assess oceanographic changes in the past 125K year. At the time of this picture, we were growing gastropods under laboratory conditions and performing in vitro fertilization of oysters.
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Graduate student
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Arts and Science
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Climate action
[Photo of a gastropod mummy laying its eggs]
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Ruqaiya Yousif
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PhD Student, Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering