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George Konana Collecting Ice

The Inuit practice an ongoing relationship with the land through camping, hunting, and fishing. As part of the BearWatch project, I explore how such knowledge, accumulated over many generations, and Inuit values can be ethically engaged in a community-based polar bear monitoring program. This picture is taken on one of our trips out on the land around Gjoa Haven during spring 2022. It captures George Konana collecting ice from the lake for tea. He traces ice with the right quality to give his tea a nice ‘reddish, brown’ color. At this exact moment, he cracks out a huge piece, enough for a month of tea.
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Graduate student
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Arts and Science
Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs
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Creative and sustainable communities
[Photo of George Konana collecting ice from the lake around Gjoa Haven]
PhD student/candidate
Faculty of Arts and Science
School of Environmental Studies
School of Graduate Studies
Mobilizing Creativity and Enabling Cultures
Resurgent Indigenous Research in Local and Global Contexts
Fundamental Principles of Nature: from Discovery to Application and Innovation
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Gjoa Haven, Nunavut
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Saskia de Wildt
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PhD Student, School of Environmental Studies