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Leaving home

My focus is cancer cell invasion and migration. This spheroid of cells is embedded in a 3D protein matrix and fluorescently stained for 3 proteins. Individual cells can be seen radiating away on all sides. The cells use integrin (red) and actin (green) to pull on the protein matrix and move, while cadherin (blue), binds and holds cells together within the spheroid. Cadherin normally holds clumps of cells together and allows them to form structures such as tissues and organs. This picture shows how invading cells lose their cadherin and express large amounts of integrin and actin, and it demonstrates some of the protein expression changes that cancer cells undergo which allow them to invade away from a tumour.
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Graduate student
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Graduate Studies
Health Sciences
Leaving home
PhD student/candidate
School of Graduate Studies
Faculty of Health Sciences
School of Medicine
Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine
Materials Discovery and Molecular Design
Health, Wellness and the Determinants of Human Health
Patient-Oriented Research, Transformative Health Care and Health Promotion
Queen's Cancer Research Institute (QCRI)
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A microscope slide
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Eric Y Lian
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PhD Student, Pathology and Molecular Medicine