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Medical history, lost and found

While conducting research for an exhibition on Edvard Munch and medicine, I was rummaging around in boxes recently transferred from the state hospital (Rikshospitalet) to the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology (Teknisk Museum) when I came across this collection of historical surgical instruments. The tags indicate that they were part of a teaching collection, but the objects appear to have been hastily boxed up and are now detached from their inventory. A poetic jumble of objects, they speak of a medical past that is in danger of being lost as medical collections are consolidated, dispersed, and even destroyed.
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Arts and Science
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Out in the field
A collection of antique medical instruments
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Faculty of Arts and Science
Department of Art History and Art Conservation
Mobilizing Creativity and Enabling Cultures
Society, Culture and Human Behaviour
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Oslo, Norway
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Allison Morehead
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Faculty, Art History and Art Conservation