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A New Light

Tired of seeing roads being dug up to replace aging pipe infrastructure? Civil engineering research at Queen’s is bringing a new light to innovative, no-dig rehabilitation techniques. In this image, a UV light train is being prepared to help rehabilitate the adjacent corrugated steel pipe. The inside of the pipe has been lined with a fabric fibreglass tube embedded with UV cure resin. When the light train passes through the tube, the UV cures the resin solid and transforms the fabric tube into a solid liner. The new liner and pipe will further undergo buried experiments that will bring new insight into the structural behaviour of these systems.
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Graduate student
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Smith Engineering
Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs
UV light and fabric fiberglass tube
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Smith Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering
School of Graduate Studies
Sustainability, Environment and Resources
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GeoEngineering lab, Queen's University
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Robert Cichocki
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PhD Student, Civil Engineering