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The multifunction nerve stimulator S8 was invented in the mid-20th century. It was commonly used to inject current into muscles and cardiac cells to elicit a response. Using frog muscles and hearts, an Italian physician, Luigi Galvani, showed that electricity was inherent in organic tissue. Over the last fifty years or so electro-therapy has shown a very rapid development. This equipment is still functional. I am using the stimulator to send electrical impulses into neurons and record subsequent changes in nerve activity characterized by the movement of charged molecules across the cell membrane.
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Graduate student
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Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs
Health Sciences
A multifunction nerve stimulator S8
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Interdisciplinary research in materials, computational analytics and human-machine interactions
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Botterell Hall, Queen's University
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Alamjeet Kaur Chauhan
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Graduate Student, Biomedical and Molecular Sciences