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Phantasie Ist Alles

Although I am an English major, I also study other languages and was fascinated by this piece of graffiti that I found on Museum Island in Berlin. Translated from German to English, it says, “Imagination is everything, it is the preview to the coming events of life.” This was said by Albert Einstein, and while his discipline is physics, different from mine, we both see the beauty of creativity. His creativity is in the stars, and mine is in language and literature. Arts and science are bound together in this short expression. A treasure waiting on Museum Island for me to embrace and understand.
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Undergraduate student
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Arts and Science
Phantasie Ist Alles
Undergraduate student
Faculty of Arts and Science
Department of English Language and Literature
Mobilizing Creativity and Enabling Cultures
Society, Culture and Human Behaviour
Location of photograph: 
Museum Island, Berlin, Germany
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Julia Partington
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Undergraduate Student, English Language and Literature