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The Road to Taste

This image is captured from a histology slide for a section of the human tongue showing a number of taste buds; the gustatory receptors responsible for taste. The road that cuts in the middle of the picture is a groove that extends from the surface of the tongue and runs deeply within the tissue and is called “crypt”. This image is one of a large collection of slides for different body tissues captured as a part of an educational research project which aimed to improve students' learning and understanding of histology through building up an in-house histology atlas.
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Health Sciences
The Road to Taste
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Faculty of Health Sciences
School of Medicine
Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences
Fundamental Principles of Nature: from Discovery to Application and Innovation
Health, Wellness and the Determinants of Human Health
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Histology Lab, Queen's University
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Hisham S. Elbatarny
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Faculty, Biomedical and Molecular Sciences