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Still-life painting alight with UV-radiation

Art conservation uses Ultra-violet lighting in a similar way that a detective uses a black light to inspect a crime scene. Awash with the electromagnetic radiation, i.e. light in the form of wavelengths, the painting's secrets are revealed; artist materials fluoresce distinct colours in the visible spectrum depending on the age and type of material present. A conservator is able to approximate the age of a painting (e.g. the milky green-yellow glow of varnish intensifies with time) and discern what is original, artist applied material versus those subsequently added to the painting, such as a restorer or conservator's touch.
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Graduate student
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Arts and Science
Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs
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Art in action
Still-life painting alight with UV-radiation
Grad student
Faculty of Arts and Science
Department of Art History and Art Conservation
School of Graduate Studies
Interdisciplinary research in materials, computational analytics and human-machine interactions
Analytics and Digital Technologies
Mobilizing Creativity and Enabling Cultures
Creative Production and Expression
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Madrid, Spain
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Courtney Books
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Graduate Student, Art History and Art Conservation