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Sunrise from the 9th Station

An attractive volcano, mountain, and hike, Mt. Fuji is elevated at over 3700m and is popular for hiking over night to catch the sunrise. This moment arrives after hiking for over 8 hours with friends made the first hour. By the 7th hour, the sky begins to change colours and hikers are surrounded by the clouds. A gradient from pitch black to blues, reds, oranges occurs and suddenly everything is golden. Hikers are not sure if their tears are from the view or the long night but their gratitude to those who supported them the entire way remains certain.
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Undergraduate student
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Arts and Science
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Art in action
Hikers on Mount Fuji during a sunrise
Undergraduate student
Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences
Ecology, Biodiversity and the Natural Environment
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Mount Fuji, Japan
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Stefany Li
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Undergraduate Student, Biomedical and Molecular Sciences