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Under the Umbrella

On a very hot day, I went to the Adelabu Market in Ibadan, Nigeria, to meet Sarah. Several phone calls later, we found each other. She brought me inside a nearly abandoned plaza. “Less noisy,” she said. We climbed up to the highest floor. During the interview, she told me her livelihood as a market woman funded her children’s education. Rain or shine, she is at the market every day, under her umbrella. When we finished the interview, I looked down. What a view! As I snapped a photo, I wondered: “What are the stories of the other people under the umbrellas?”
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Arts and Science
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Community collaborations
[Aerial photograph of Adelabu Market in Ibadan, Nigeria]
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Faculty of Arts and Science
Department of Gender Studies
Department of Geography and Planning
Mobilizing Creativity and Enabling Cultures
Creative Production and Expression
Society, Culture and Human Behaviour
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Ibadan, Nigeria
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Grace Adeniyi-Ogunyankin
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Faculty, Gender Studies; Geography and Planning