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Grace Adeniyi-Ogunyankin

Grace Adeniyi-Ogunyankin

[Grace Adeniyi-Ogunyankin]
Canada Research Chair in Youth and African Urban Futures
Tier 2

Youth and Urban Renewal

Sub-Saharan Africa is urbanizing rapidly, and young people make up >70% of the population in the majority of African cities. Combined with the fact that there is an emphasis on urban renewal projects and expansion of global investment in sub-Saharan Africa, exploring the relationship between youth and the new urban economy is critical to addressing issues of socio-political stability and sustainable development in sub-Saharan Africa.

Dr. Grace Adeniyi-Ogunyankin, Canada Research Chair in Youth and African Urban Futures, is studying the impact of contemporary urban transformation on the identity, labour practices, psychosocial well-being, and future orientation of African youth. Ultimately, Adeniyi-Ogunyankin and her research team will contribute to new perspectives on, and policy approaches to, African youth.


[Under the Umbrella - Photo by Grace Adeniyi-Ogunyankin]
Art of Research Photo Contest 2020 Winner: Under the Umbrella by Grace Adeniyi-Ogunyankin