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Residence Move In Day will be on Saturday, September 3, 2022. 



Selecting a Move-In Time

  1. Log into the Residence and Dining Portal to fill out the Move-In Time Selection Form  
  2. Identify your COVID-19 Vaccination status from the drop-down menu  
  3. Select your move-in time from the options listed. The number of spots left for a particular time slot refreshes every 30 seconds; when a time slot is filled, you will not be able to select it.  
  4. Once you have declared your vaccination status, have chosen your date and time block, you must click the “Save Selection” button to complete and save your reservation. 

You can change your selection at any time by returning to the form and selecting a new time from those available. 

Note: Early move-in is not available and overnight parking around residences is NOT permitted. 

Declaration of COVID-19 Vaccination Status 

Although being fully vaccinated is not mandatory to live in Residence at this time, you must confirm your COVID-19 vaccination status before selecting your move-in time. The University requires this information to be prepared should a change in the pandemic status occur, and it becomes necessary to implement new operational responses, protocols, procedures, or additional safety measures to mitigate the risk of the spread of the COVID-19 virus and/or its transmission in Queen’s Residences.   

For more information, please go to the Residence COVID-19 Protocol webpage. Declaring your vaccination status is required to live in Residence; therefore, you will not be able to collect your keys on Move-In Day without confirming your vaccination status. 


Getting to Residence

Students who have applied for and accepted their residence space for Fall 2022 will have received an email with more information regarding choosing their move-in time. Please do not arrive on campus to move-in before your designated move-in time. 

Each building will be assigned to a colour zone with a coded map so that you can easily navigate to your residence building. Follow the directions associated with your zone on the map we provide; do not use Google Maps or another GPS system as street closures and re-routes are not accounted for on these systems. 

You will start your move-in by collecting your keys and other important items.  If you will be arriving by taxi or transit to residence, please email to make arrangements for your arrival. 

When you arrive at your new residence building, you will follow the stop, drop, and park model: pull up out front of the building, unload your belongings, and have the driver move the vehicle while you move your belongings into your room.  We have designated parking areas where you can park for up to 3 hours. 

Note: Early move-in is not available, and overnight parking around residences is NOT permitted. 

Zone Cards

Red Zone Cards - Victoria Hall and Ban Righ Hall

Yellow Zone Cards - Brant House, McNeill House, Morris Hall, and Watts Hall

Dark Green Zone Card - Harkness Hall 

Pink Zone Cards - Jean Royce Hall Phase 1 and Phase 2

Purple Zone Card - Gordon Brockington House 

Teal Zone Card - Albert Street Residence 

Orange Zone Card - Waldron Tower

Green Zone Cards - Adelaide Hall, Chown Hall, Leggett Hall, and David C. Smith House

Blue Zone Card - Leonard Hall 


Traffic Map and Directions 

Download and print to use on move-in day. Please follow the traffic map instructions to ensure that you are going to the right location for key pick-up.

Traffic Map and Directions

Student Affairs Information Booths

Look for the Student Affairs Information Booth at Leonard Field and Jean Royce Hall and get your questions about wellness, accessibility, food, financial aid, fees, and more answered by staff! Snap a special photo with your student with a Queen's backdrop and some fun props!

You are required to complete important online education before moving in

You must complete both the Residence Pre-Arrival and It Takes All of Us modules before you move in on Saturday, September 3. We will be following up to ensure these requirements are met. If you have any questions about these requirements, please email

Pre-Arrival Module

The 2022-2023 Consolidated Residence Contract and Community Standards outlines expectations for all residence community members. You will have reviewed and agreed to meet your responsibilities outlined in this document when you completed your pre-requisites before selecting your room. 

We expect that you will recognize and fulfil your critical role in promoting an inclusive living and learning experience for everyone. To ensure your understanding of these expectations that come with living in a Queen’s Residences community, you must complete the Residence Pre-Arrival module.  

It will take approximately 15 minutes, and at the end, you must click “COMPLETE” to have your response registered. 

Complete the Pre-Arrival Module

It Takes All of Us online learning program

Unfortunately, sexual violence is reality on university campuses, and many students will experience or know someone who has experienced sexual violence during their time at post-secondary. Queen’s is strongly committed to maintaining a positive learning, living and working environment in which sexual violence is not tolerated. We work in partnership with students and community organizations to help prevent sexual violence through education, awareness, policy, fostering a culture of consent, community building, and safety programs. We also provide comprehensive and coordinated supports to students impacted by sexual violence

To ensure our first-year students are aware of, and understand their role in helping to prevent sexual violence, you are required to complete the It Takes All Of Us online learning program.

Co-developed at Queen’s, it reviews the following topics:  

  • Sexual violence 
  • Sexual consent 
  • Bystander intervention 
  • Supporting survivors 

It Takes All of Us requires approximately 45 minutes to complete.

There are alternatives for any student who finds completing the program online to be difficult due to personal circumstances.  

Completion of both components is required and is being recorded.

Complete the It Takes All of Us online learning program

Sustainable Move-In

Sustainability is a top priority at Queen’s. Make your move a mindful one with a few easy waste reduction packing tips and help kickstart your commitment to low impact campus living.

Visit the Mindful Move-In page for sustainable moving tips

What to Bring

  • bedding and a favourite pillow*
  • ethernet cable and wireless router*
  • a small fridge* (7cubic feet or smaller)
  • reusable water bottle – Queen’s is a water bottle free campus
  • reusable coffee thermos or mug
  • cloth or another type of safe, reusable mask
  • reusable shopping bags
  • earplugs
  • bathrobe and container for soap, shampoo, etc. shower flip flops
  • laundry basket or bag
  • desk lamp
  • hangers
  • memory foam
  • alarm clock
  • storage boxes for your room
  • favourite books and decorations
  • sticky-tack adhesive for decorations
  • dishware and eating utensils
  • a small first aid kit, thermometer, hand sanitizer flashlight and batteries
  • winter clothing (scarves, hats, coats, etc.)
  • semi-formal wear

Some rooms may require different sized bed sheets or may come with mini-fridges already in them. Visit our building pages to learn more. 

What We Provide

  • a bed (some buildings have singles, others have doubles)
  • a dresser and a mirror
  • a desk and chair
  • a bookshelf and bulletin board
  • a closet or wardrobe
  • internet access in each room
  • laundry facilities and a reloadable laundry card
  • All floors have irons, an ironing board, and a vacuum. 
  • All buildings have a common room, microwave, kettle, and toaster. 

ResNet System IT Requirements

To be able to connect to Queen’s ResNet system, you must have:

  • A Windows or Mac-based personal computer with a currently supported operating system.
  • A 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet compatible network interface or one available USB port for an external network adapter.
  • If your computer is wireless only, then you will need to install your own wireless router on your ResNet Ethernet connection.

View our IT Services Page to Learn More

Please leave at home: 

  • beer bottles and drinking games 
  • alcohol and illegal drugs 
  • hotplates, toaster ovens, microwaves, rice cookers, and small cooking appliances 
  • candles, fireworks, or firecrackers 
  • halogen lamps or sunlamps 
  • large stereos 
  • furniture – rooms come furnished, and you are not permitted to remove any furniture from your room 
  • weapons of any type or size (martial arts weapons must be stored outside of residence) 
  • pets – with the exception of approved service animals 
  • single-use plastic water bottles 

Please note that Queen’s is a smoke and vape-free campus

Please note that Queen’s is a Bottled Water Free Campus 

Bed & Bath Linens

  Single bed in a double occupancy room in Jean Royce Hall residence.



If you are interested in purchasing bed linens, pillows, bath packages, and other personal items to be delivered directly to your residence room, please contact Campus Linens at: Please be sure to read the Campus Linens website carefully before ordering.