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The latest CURAC / ARUCC Newsletter – now available on the wwebsite ( -- brings you travel experiences around the Mediterranean (with great pictures), a discussion of what it means for a college or university to be age-friendly, news you can use on annuities and important information on the Halifax Conference and on some of the activities of your CURAC / ARUCC Board of Directors (from President David Swayne).


La dernière édition du newsletter de CURAC/ARUCC – maintenant disponible sur le site web ( inclut des récits de voyage autour de la Méditéranée (avec de très belles photos), un aperçu de ce que cela signifie que d’être un collège ou une université ami des aînés, des informations sur les pensions de retraite et des renseignements importants sur la conférence d’Halifax et sur quelques-unes des activités de votre CA du CURAC/ARUCC (signé par le président David Swayne).


Featured in this issue of the Newsletter / Voici les titres de la newsletter:

  1. Are You Halifax Bound in 2018?
  2. It is time to register: 2018 CURAC/ARUCC Conference, May 23-25
  3. Economical Select creates Conference scholarship
  4. What is an “age-friendly” University or college campus?
  5. Mediterranean Meandering: A pleasant three weeks abroad
  6. Annuities: A primer

You will find the CURAC / ARUCC Newsletter under the heading Newsletters on the home page (   To read or print individual Newsletter articles, click on the heading in the Table of Contents. Note that the current editorial policy is to publish the articles in the language of the author or author.


Vous trouverez la Newsletter CURAC/ARUCC sous l’onglet Newsletter en page d’ouverture ( Pour lire ou imprimer un article, cliquer sur le titre dans la Tables des matières. Noter que la politique éditoriale actuelle est de publier les articles dans la langue de l’auteure ou de l’auteur.

Across Canada: Newsletters from Coast to Coast

To see what is going in at member associations, you need only to follow the links to member association websites, where Newsletters and Bulletins are available.  In cases where a newsletter is not available online, CURAC / ARUCC will distribute it to member associations.


À travers le Canada: les newsletters d’un océan à l’autre

Pour savoir ce qui se passe dans les associations membre, suivez les liens aux sites web des associations où vous trouverez les newsletters et bulletins. Dans les cas où un bulletin n'est pas disponible en ligne,

CURAC / ARUCC le distribuera aux associations membres.


Some things to look for:


From the West Coast, the Spring 2018 SFURA newsletter features personal essays on the vagaries of tutoring and cross-cultural communication, the importance of taking up projects after retirement and the benefits of getting involved in services like Habitat for Humanity, as well as on coming to terms with being a migrant and the Ismaili Centre in Burnaby.  There are also important articles on block chains and crypto-currency, micro-lending and the importance, for seniors, of sleep.


Many other Newsletters have wonderful stories on travel (for example Bulletin 73 from UQAM) and important articles on issues like tax and estate planning, not to mention information on local issues like pensions and planned activities, as well as celebrations of the lives of passed colleagues and friends.

The February 2018 edition of RALU news, which was distributed to member associations by email, includes not only a wealth of local information but also an article on wrestling and a review of the book Being a Dog, an account of a reunion in Banff of six former summer workers at the famous Banff Springs Hotel which many of us can relate to, as well as an important primer on how seniors can (and should) prepare for emergencies.


To submit a notice or article for the website or the CURAC / ARUCC Newsletter or for more information contact the Webmaster (Kent Percival;, the Newsletter Editor (Ed Unrau; or the Chair of the Communications Committee (Fred Fletcher;