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CURAC offers RAQ members Travel Cancellation/Interruption Insurance

CURAC has just (April 2019) signed an agreement with Johnson Insurance to make Johnson’s new Travel Cancellation/Interruption Insurance available to individuals affiliated with CURAC. RAQ has been a member of CURAC since its founding, so this offer is now available to RAQ members.

This policy is NOT medical insurance and is not offered through Retired Teachers of Ontario (RTO). If you are already paying for RTO’s Extended Medical Insurance you already have the Travel Insurance/Cancellation coverage included in that plan. But if you do not need extended medical coverage but do travel out of Ontario, this new plan may be attractive.

For a single low annual premium, this new plan offers coverage for trips cancelled after the trip has been paid for but before it starts, or is interrupted by illness (or airline bankruptcy, etc.) in progress. And there is no limit to the number of trips covered in a year, provided the policyholder is home for at least 24 hours between trips. It also covers lost, stolen, or damaged luggage. Spouses and dependent offspring identified on the Application Form are also covered.

I recommend that you carefully read the details of what this plan covers (and does not cover) before deciding whether this plan is for you. If you decide that it is, then download, print, complete and mail in the Application Form. This is Group Insurance, so where the form asks for the "Name of your employer/Association” at the bottom of Section 1, enter “CURAC – Retirees’ Assoc. of Queen’s".

The PDFs available through the links below provide the plan details and the Application Form. Mail the application form to:

Johnson Insurance
Suite 650
2665 King Street West

View Plan Details (30 pages)                                                                                              View Application Form