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RAQ Needs Your Advice

We are trying to grow our numbers. This will increase our influence with Queen’s and help us improve services to our members.  As part of that, we are seeking your advice (even if you’re not yet a RAQ member) on how to best focus our services and resources.

Currently, either on its own, with Queen’s, or as part of CURAC (College & University Retiree Associations of Canada),  RAQ offers services like the following:

  • pension and benefit information to members and advocacy on behalf of Queen’s pensioners
  • CURAC travel insurance and other discounts
  • advocacy regarding benefits like access to email and facilities like parking
  • representation on various Queen’s bodies and with the Administration
  • academic and other contributions (volunteering, bursary donations, etc.)
  • educational events (like the Monday Morning Forum series, or tour of the new Providence Care facility)    social events (like the picnic at the Biology Station)

We want to make sure though that we’re doing our best to meet YOUR needs. To help us with that, please tell us:

  • ONE OR TWO things we should KEEP ON DOING or INCREASE
  • ONE OR TWO things we should STOP DOING, or give less attention to
  • ​ONE OR TWO things we don’t do now that we should START TO DO

This is not a survey, so we won’t be publishing the results as a numeric table, but we will be reading your responses carefully to guide us.

You can send your responses by email to me directly ( or by mail  to RAQ, Mackintosh-Corry Room A412, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, K7L3N6.

Your help will be crucial as we move forward, so please take a moment to give us your advice.

Greg Lessard, Membership Chair