Queen’s University is today responding to a COVID-19 outbreak that has impacted its varsity sports community. The outbreak was not directly related to sports competition or on-campus facilities. Those considered high risk contacts have been contacted by KFL&A Public Health and are following proper public health protocols.

Everyone involved in varsity sports at Queen’s is fully vaccinated, however, the university has suspended all varsity training until further notice. All student athletes, coaches and training staff have been reminded to follow current public health guidelines, conduct regular screenings, and to stay home if they feel symptomatic.  

Protocols are in place to continue to manage the ongoing pandemic, and the university is working closely with KFL&A Public Health to keep the campus and Kingston community safe. In anticipation of increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases throughout the KFL&A region, the university will be announcing enhanced campus-wide precautions in an effort to reduce the risk of further cases appearing within the campus community.

All positive COVID-19 cases at Queen’s are posted on the university’s case tracker.