Queen’s has now posted its official vaccination policy for the community and there are some new deadlines to be aware of.

As outlined in the Policy Regarding Mandatory Vaccination Requirements for In-person University Activities, Queen’s University is now requiring all faculty, staff, and students to complete the vaccination status declaration form no later than September 13.

This new deadline also applies to those who have filled out their declaration form and intend to follow up with a request for an accommodation under the Ontario Human Rights Code. Those individuals must now submit their intent to apply for this accommodation to the appropriate office no later than September 13. Students are directed to visit the Student Wellness Services website. Staff and faculty can visit the Queen’s Human Resources website.

The vaccination policy is required by the province to summarize in one place all the operational details to date of the university’s current COVID approach. This is not new information, but it does provide in a single document the specifics of Queen’s operating plan and how we are complying with the legislative requirements. This is a living document that will be updated as further operational decisions are made and any new or additional direction by the government is provided. 

Fill out the vaccination status declaration form now.