Campus Re-opening Framework

Queen’s University resumed in-person activity at the Kingston campus in September 2021.

This framework provides guidance for resuming on-campus operations in Kingston to complement the university’s previously released direction on resuming teaching and research activities. We are committed to the health and safety of our entire community, and the advice of public health authorities will continue to guide and inform our safe return to campus.

Unit and client service needs between now and December 2021 will vary; some may require most of their team members on campus in the near term, while other units may elect (where operationally feasible) to have more staff remain in a remote working arrangement throughout the Fall.

It is anticipated the new normal of on-campus operations will be achieved by Winter 2022, with all staff who are returning to in-person work back on the Kingston campus by January 2022.

In compliance with provincial guidelines, Queen's has also created a Continuity of Education Plan 2021-22, to guide its response should in-person teaching and learning be disrupted.

Key Public Health Assumptions for Fall 2021
As conditions improve, public health measures are expected to be removed or replaced.
Physical distancing will not be required by September 2021. Class sizes will not be limited, although capacity restrictions may remain in place in some settings.
Non-medical masks will be required in indoor common areas and classrooms.
Handwashing and hygiene protocols will remain in place.
Plexi-glass barriers will not be required in classrooms, work, or service areas.
Ontarians aged 12 and older will have the opportunity to receive at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose by July 1, with many receiving two doses by the end of August.
K-12 schools and daycare centres will be open at full capacity in September 2021 and remain open and fully operational throughout the year.

Planning Framework

Our first priority lies in fulfilling our academic mission, while maintaining a safe environment for the campus community. To this end, priorities for our campus re-opening planning are:

  1. The return of students, faculty members, and teaching assistants to in-person teaching in early September;
  2. The return of staff-supporting students, faculty members and teaching assistants in the delivery of in-person teaching;
  3. Providing some in-person access for all other student support services; and
  4. Opening libraries with full access, subject to public health guidelines.


In-person events will be limited in Fall 2021:

  • In-person, non-student led events will be limited in for Fall 2021 and will be planned in accordance with event planning guidance approved by the Senior Leadership Team.
  • All in-person, student-led events planned for Fall 2021 must be reviewed and approved by the Co-Curricular Restart Advisory Group (CRAG).

Planning Parameters

Return-to-campus plans will be responsive as circumstances change, and flexible to support a gradual return where possible, balanced against supporting a positive student experience with increased in-person activity and operational needs. Plans will be approved by a unit’s Dean, Vice-Principal, or delegate.

  • Employees will have advance notice of a return to in-person work to allow them time to plan for and adjust to being back on campus. We will be compassionate of individual circumstances and respond appropriately to accommodation needs.
  • Remote meeting options or other inclusive arrangements will be available to support meeting participation by all employees.
  • Formal Remote Work Arrangements can be made with employees any time; however, they must be in place by January 2022 for employees who are not returning to working on campus full time.
  • During the transition period (September 2021 to December 2021), flexible working arrangements will be agreed upon between managers and employees based on operational requirements and exceptional circumstances.
Grant Hall
Measures Supporting a Safe Return to Campus
An approved COVID-19 Safety Plan must be in place for every work unit. Units are defined at the local level, based on the type of work and nature of the workspace.
Queen’s students, staff, and faculty are required to get fully vaccinated as soon as they are eligible to do so. The university is working with public health to offer an on-campus vaccination clinic for students in early September.
Symptomatic and asymptomatic testing will be done on the advice of and in partnership with public health.
COVID-19 symptom monitoring protocols will be in place. Current requirements are available here.
Members of the campus community will stay home when ill, or when self-isolating as directed by public health.
Daily cleaning protocols continue in all indoor settings and on high-touch surfaces. Current COVID-19 cleaning protocols are here.
Building ventilation measures continue to reduce the risk of aerosol droplet transmission of COVID-19. Current ventilation measures are available here.