Reporting Your Results

Self Administering the COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test

Find instructions below, as found on the Rapid Response Procedure Card (PDF 400 KB) for the COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Device

[Showing step 1 - adding drops into the tube]

Step 1

  • Gently mix the extraction bufer.
  • Add 10 drops into the extraction tube.

[showing step 1 - tilt head 70 degrees]

[showing step 2 - nostril is swabbed in a cicular motion]

[showing finger on nostril]

Step 2

  • Tilt patient's head 70°. Insert the swab at least 0.5 inch inside the nostril (nares) until mild resistance was encountered at the middle turbinate.

  • Using a circular motion, the nasal orifice should be swabbed for a minimum of five seconds.

  • Compress the nostril with the fingers to trap the swab tip and rotate the tip for a minimum of five seconds.

  • Repeat steps for other nostril

[Showing step 3 - wait 2 minutes]

Step 3

Insert the swab into the extraction tube. Mix well and squeeze the swab 10-15 times. After waiting 2 minutes, twist the swab against the inner wall as your remove it, trying to release as much liquid as you can while removing.

[Showing step 4- insert the nozzle]

Step 4

Insert the nozzle into the sample extraction tube.

[Showing step 5 - adding drops into the well]

Step 5

Add 3 drops of the solution into the sample well by gently squeezing the tube.

[Showing step 6 - wait 15 minutes]

Step 6

Read results after 15 minutes.

Understanding your results

graphic showing what positive,negative and invalid results look like

You may proceed to campus after logging and uploading your results to and completing the SeQure App screening assessment.

  • Do not come to campus.
  • Log and upload your results at
  • Book a PCR test. Testing clinic information is available through KFL&A Public Health.
  • Contact Dan Langham (Director, Environmental Health & Safety): email or call 613-533-6000 ext.74980.
  • Employees should contact their supervisor to report their absence from campus.
  • Students in residence must self-isolate and follow instructions provided by Queen’s University Residences.
  • Students not in residence should alert their Faculty/School.



Repeat the test a second time.

If the second test result is INCONCLUSIVE contact KFL&A Public Health for recommendations.

Reporting Your Results

  1. Complete your Self-Administered COVID-19 Rapid Screening Test. Use the provided Sharpie to write the date you complete the test on the cartridge and take a clear photo of your test result. Ensure the cartridge displaying the date is captured in the photo. Note: some testing kits will not display the results of your test indefinitely, so it is best to take this photo immediately after receiving your results.

  2. Using your Thrive Health credentials, log in to

  3. Go to the COVID-19 Health Centre.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Report a test result to begin the reporting process.

  5. Select the Self-Administered test option.

  6. Fill out the details for your Self-Administered COVID-19 Rapid Screening test.
    Be sure to enter the test kit lot number correctly and add the location from the dropdown menu.
    Select test type Nasal: Panbio Covid-19 Ag Rapid Test Device.

  7. Upload the photo of your test result.

  8. Click Submit to complete the reporting process.

  9. You should see a confirmation page verifying that your results have been received.
    To view your test results history, return to the COVID-19 Health Centre.