Today, Queen’s confirmed an outbreak of COVID-19 positive cases within the student community and has taken steps to implement enhanced health & safety precautions and recommended testing for students. 

The university is working with public health to address the current situation, and with the emergence of suspected cases of the Omicron variant are, out of an abundance of caution, strongly encouraging the following measures for students. If you have come into close contact with a known case over the last ten days or have any symptoms, you must isolate and get tested as soon as possible with a PCR test.  Testing can be booked online through KFL&A Public Health. 

All students are strongly encouraged to avoid social gatherings as well as any interactions without masking, monitor carefully for symptoms and get tested if symptoms appear.

The university has also worked closely with KFL&A Public Health experts to develop protocols for exams which are ongoing.  Students who have symptoms of COVID-19 are not permitted on-campus and must self-isolate and get a PCR test.  If a student has to miss a class, exam, or other academic requirement due to symptoms, COVID-19 illness, or a self-isolation requirement, timely academic consideration will be granted.

The university is working on a plan to make Rapid Testing Kits available early next week. All students symptom-free and not a high risk contact are strongly encouraged to use these tests within 48 hours of travel outside of the KFL&A region.