Queen’s has set a deadline of October 15 for all faculty, staff, and students to secure approval to be on campus under the Policy Regarding Mandatory Vaccination Requirements for In-Person University Activities (“Policy”).

With this important deadline in mind, faculty offices will be sending a letter to students who have failed to complete the vaccination status declaration form and who remain registered in in-person courses, and students who have declared that they are not vaccinated, who are not pursuing a course of vaccination, and who remain registered in in-person courses.

Students in these categories will be advised that on October 16, they will be administratively de-registered from their in-person courses if they haven’t dropped these courses or secured an alternative academic option (such as applying for a leave from or deferral of studies, if possible). Students will remain registered in any online or remote delivery courses.

Students receiving the letter will be advised that removal from in-person courses may impact their status as a full-time or part-time student, a change that may affect, for example, financial aid or extended health insurance coverage.

In addition, as previously indicated, students who do not have approved status to be on campus, but attend any in-person university activity or are otherwise be in violation of the policy, may be referred to the Non-Academic Misconduct system, and they may be issued a formal Notice of Prohibition (trespass notice) from University Property under the Student Code of Conduct.

Faculties offices will be sending out this letter via email this week and students who receive it will be strongly encouraged to discuss their academic options with the faculty as soon as possible.

Students who are partially vaccinated and won’t be able to meet the Oct. 15 deadline should also contact their faculty office as soon as possible to discuss options.