Vaccine Safety

Information about COVID-19 vaccine safety

Education is a key component of overcoming vaccine hesitancy in our communities. Health researchers, clinicians, and governments in Canada and across the world have deemed COVID-19 vaccinations safe and effective and view them as the primary driver of our return to normal activities.

Experts at Toronto’s Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre have created an informative COVID-19 vaccination learning module that will guide users through key vaccination facts. The module includes information on how COVID-19 vaccines work, vaccine safety, benefits of becoming vaccinated, as well as risks of not becoming vaccinated. It also includes information on possible side effects.

Explore Sunnybrook’s COVID-19 vaccination learning module.

Other vaccine safety resources

Queen's public health expert Dr. Samantha Buttemer has recorded a video designed to address the concerns of students and others in the university community who are hesitant about vaccination. In the video, Dr. Buttemer answers several frequently asked questions about vaccination and vaccine safety.

A national campaign called This Is Our Shot has united healthcare professionals, communities, the private sector, and others to champion COVID-19 vaccinations and educate on their efficacy, safety, and benefits.

Learn more about COVID-19 vaccines, vaccine health & safety, and what to expect:

The governments of Ontario and Canada have several educational links on COVID-19 vaccinations as well, which include information on: