Vaccine Safety

Information about COVID-19 vaccine safety

Education is a key component of overcoming vaccine hesitancy in our communities. Health researchers, clinicians, and governments in Canada and across the world have deemed COVID-19 vaccinations safe and effective and view them as the primary driver of our return to normal activities.

Experts at Toronto’s Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre have created an informative COVID-19 vaccination learning module that will guide users through key vaccination facts. The module includes information on how COVID-19 vaccines work, vaccine safety, benefits of becoming vaccinated, as well as risks of not becoming vaccinated. It also includes information on possible side effects.

Explore Sunnybrook’s COVID-19 vaccination learning module.

Other vaccine safety resources

A national campaign called This Is Our Shot has united healthcare professionals, communities, the private sector, and others to champion COVID-19 vaccinations and educate on their efficacy, safety, and benefits.

Learn more about COVID-19 vaccines, vaccine health & safety, and what to expect:

The governments of Ontario and Canada have several educational links on COVID-19 vaccinations as well, which include information on: