Non-Academic Misconduct Subcommittee of the Audit and Risk Committee

(As approved by the Board of Trustees in May 2016, amended March 2020)

The Non-Academic Misconduct Sub-Committee has been charged with the responsibility of policy review and oversight of the University’s non-academic misconduct system. The Board of Trustees is vested with the authority over student non-academic misconduct by Royal Charter of Queen Victoria dated October 16, 1841, as amended.

The Sub-Committee will:

  • Regularly review the Student Code of Conduct (the “Code”) and related student non-academic misconduct policies and procedures, including the Policy on Sexual Violence Involving Queen's Students, to ensure they remain current, meet best practices, and support a living and learning environment that promotes the well-being of students. A comprehensive review of the Code, including consultation with stakeholder groups, will be completed after the third anniversary of its establishment and not less than every five years thereafter and a report on any recommended changes following such reviews will be submitted to the Audit and Risk Committee for its consideration and subsequent recommendation to the Board of Trustees.
  • Receive semi-annual reports from the University Student Appeals Board and from each unit of the university’s non-academic misconduct system, as well as from the Non-Academic Misconduct System Roundtable, which shall be an operational body created to share best practices across the units of the system and provide policy recommendations from time to time for the review and recommendation of the Subcommittee. The reports will be reviewed for the purposes of identifying trends, issues, risks, and initiatives related to student non-academic misconduct across and within the units of the university’s non-academic misconduct system that may require action.
  • Address any other matter consistent with the Subcommittee’s mandate, referred to it by the Audit and Risk Committee.

The Sub-Committee shall meet no less than two times per year. The Chair of the Sub-Committee will report semi-annually (May and December) to the Audit and Risk Committee. Those Sub-Committee members elected by Senate will be responsible for providing regular updates to Senate on the Sub-Committee’s work, and for soliciting feedback from Senate on student non-academic misconduct matters.

A representative from each of the university’s non-academic misconduct systems will be available to attend Sub-Committee meetings as needed.


Ex Officio

  • Principal
  • Provost (non-voting)
  • University Ombudsman (non-voting)


  • 3 Board of Trustees’ representatives, only one of whom shall be a student and at least one of whom shall be both a member of the Audit and Risk Committee and an external Trustee who is among those appointed or elected to the Board by either the Board or University Council.  The Chair of the Sub-Committee shall be an external Trustee.
  • 3 representatives elected by and from the Senate, at least one of whom must be a faculty member and only one of whom shall be a student.

Sub-Committee members shall be selected per the normal election procedures established by their respective governance body.

No member of the Sub-Committee, other than ex officio members, shall administer, appear, or advise on any non-academic misconduct case, irrespective of which unit is handling the case. The Presidents of the AMS and the SGPS, as well as members of the Roundtable, shall be ineligible to be elected to the Subcommittee.

The Office of the University Secretariat shall appoint a Sub-Committee secretary and provide administrative support to the Sub-Committee.

Membership Status Term Ends
P. Deane Ex Officio  
M. Green Ex Officio  
L. Hood Ex Officio  
D. Bruce Appointed - Board of Trustees Jun-2023
D. Court Appointed - Board of Trustees Jun-2023
L. Notash Appointed - Senate (Faculty) Jun-2022
J. Sharma Appointed - Board of Trustees Jun-2023
Vacancy Appointed - Senate (Student)  
Vacancy Appointed - Senate   

Chair: D. Bruce
Vice-Chair: D. Court