University Secretariat and Legal Counsel

University Secretariat and Legal Counsel
University Secretariat and Legal Counsel

Desired Attributes of the Chancellor

An important part of the Chancellor search process is determining the desired attributes for the Chancellor and ensuring they align with the university’s values and priorities. 

The Advisory Committee to the Principal has developed a draft list of desired attributes and is requesting your feedback. Let us know if you think what has been developed below is appropriate and if anything has been missed.

  The deadline to submit feedback is November 2. Please send feedback to[icon of email]


1. Deep commitment to the role and passion for the University.

2. Esteemed nationally, internationally, and within the University.

3. The good judgment required to fulfill the core functions:

  • Active member of the Board of Trustees and its committees
  • Chair of the University Council
  • Chair of the Committee to Select/Review the Principal
  • Preside at Convocation

4. Knowledge of the Canadian community and the ability to engage people in the University's interest.

5. Background responsive to Queen’s contemporary challenges, including its need to articulate its global purpose, attend to the quality of its community, and design and build partnerships for impact.

6. Availability to fulfill the role in a meaningful way and a demonstrated commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion, and the indigenization of the campus.

7. A strong connection to Queen’s.

8. Access to a number of networks.