Board of Trustees Election Guidelines

Authority to Conduct Elections

Elections to the Board of Trustees are governed by the University Council and Board of Trustees Bylaws.

Board By-Law No.1 : Election of Trustees by the Faculty, Librarians and Archivists, Staff, Society of Graduate and Professional Students and Members of the Alma Mater Society
University Council By-Law C :  Election and Appointments to the Council

The following Guidelines are derived from the By-Laws and apply to voting by paper ballot or online.


Eligibility to nominate, to vote and to stand for nomination and election is governed by the By-Laws.

Election Procedure

If an election is required for members of the Board of Trustees, it shall be conducted in accordance with the By-Laws

Voters will have the option to vote online or by paper ballot.

In order to be valid, ballots shall be returned to the Secretary of the University and must be received not later than a date specified by the Secretary of the University.

Verification, Scrutiny and Count of Ballots

The paper ballots received by the date specified shall be verified and tabulated on the next working day under the supervision of the Secretary of the University.

In online voting, the voter's eligibility to cast ballots is verified as part of the process of allowing the voter to cast a ballot. The votes are tabulated by the system and the results reported to the Secretary of the University

Announcements of Results

The Secretary of the University will receive a confidential report of the results that will be shared with the candidates.

The names of the successful candidates will be announced to the public.