Senate Nomination and Election Process

Nomination Procedure for Staff and Faculty

Each Fall, Queen's Staff and Faculty are invited to nominate candidates for Senate. An email is sent to all eligible staff and faculty detailing the current opening(s) and where nomination forms are found on the web.

Nomination of a candidate shall be on a prescribed nomination form signed by 5 nominators. The agreement of the nominee to be a candidate for election shall be shown by the signature of the nominee on the nomination form. Any person nominated who is not available to sign the nomination form shall be permitted to notify the University Secretary by mail of the intention to be a candidate up until nominations close. The nominee may submit on the reverse side of the nomination form a biographical statement or other comments up to a limit of 90 words.

The completed nomination form must be submitted to the University Secretariat no later than the published date for the close of nominations. The University Secretary shall prepare a ballot containing the official list of valid nominations showing the name, title and department of each nominee, and a verbatim statement of each nominee as provided on the nomination form.

Election Procedures for Staff and Faculty

All eligible voters will be contacted with instructions to vote in the current election and provided with a link to the voting web site.