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Elections to the University Council

In 1882, an amendment to Queen's Royal Charter declared the University Council duly constituted. It is one of the three governing bodies of the university. The elective members of the Council are elected by and from among the alumni of the university in a manner provided for in the By-laws of the Council.  The Council serves as both an advisory and an ambassadorial body to the university as a whole and is responsible for the election of the Chancellor.

Although it is not directly involved in operations, the Council may bring to the Senate or Board of Trustees any matter, which it believes, affects Queen's well being and prosperity. In this way, the Council, in plenary session and through study committees, has made important contributions to several areas of campus life.

2018 Election Results

The 2018 Council by the Alumni election closed Monday, June 11th. The ten successful candidates are:

  • John Armitage 
  • Heather Black 
  • Lindsay Board
  • Stephanie Garraway 
  • Katrina Samson 
  • Denise Shortt 
  • Amrita V. Singh 
  • Susan Smith 
  • Sarah Virani 
  • Elaine Wu 

They begin their four-year terms on Council effective September 1, 2018.

The 2019 Council nomination period will open on March 25, 2019.