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University Pension Plan - Queen’s Non-Unionized Employee Representative


Terms of Reference

To review the complete Terms of Reference for the University Pension Plan Ontario (UPP) Non-Unionized Employee Representative, please on the link below. 

Terms of Reference (PDF, 340KB)

Nomination Form

Nomination Form (PDF, 4.02KB)


The proposed UPP will be a multi-employer jointly sponsored pension plan. The legal Administrator of the UPP will be a Board of Trustees. As the legal Administrator of the UPP, the Board of Trustees will be responsible for the overall operation of the plan.

In accordance with the Milestones Agreement entered into for the creation of the UPP, one of the Trustees on the UPP Board of Trustees will be nominated by the employees of participating employers who are not represented by a trade union or faculty association (“Non-Unionized Employees”).

In order to facilitate the appointment of the Non-Unionized Employee Trustee the Non-Unionized Employees that participate in a pension plan sponsored by the University of Toronto, University of Guelph and Queen’s University will elect one representative from each of the three universities (the “Representatives”). The three Representatives will then collectively nominate one person as a Trustee, having regard for the Attributes, Skills and Competencies Framework developed by the Joint Sponsors of the UPP.

The person nominated as a Trustee by the Representatives will be appointed to the UPP Board of Trustees by the Employee Sponsor of the UPP to serve as the Non-Unionized Employee nominated Trustee, the first Non-Unionized Employee nominated Trustee will serve an initial term of four years. The person nominated by the Representatives to be the Non-Unionized Employee nominated Trustee need not be one of the Representatives or an employee of a university.