Intake Assessment Team

Harassment and Discrimination Intake Assessment Team

The Harassment and Discrimination Intake Assessment Team is the group at Queen's responsible for determining whether a complaint or report of harassment, discrimination, and/or reprisal will be investigated. The group consists of the following members:

Rebecca Coupland

Rebecca Coupland

Interim University Secretary


Stephanie Simpson

Stephanie Simpson

Associate Vice-Principal (Human Rights, Equity, and Inclusion)

Stephanie Simpson has worked in the Human Rights and Equity Office since 1996. In 2018, Stephanie became the Associate Vice-Principal (Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion). Stephanie plays a lead role in enhancing the university's work to create a more inclusive environment and leads the development and implementation of a long-term strategic plan to guide institutional areas of focus and university wide objectives aimed at advancing human rights, equity and inclusion at Queen's.

Stephanie holds a Master of Education degree and a Master of Laws degree from Queen’s. Her research has focused on how racism and processes of racialization affect youth in smaller urban centres such as Kingston, as well as adjudicative silences with respect to racial inequality and access to justice for racial equality seekers. Stephanie also represents Queen's on the Kingston Immigration Partnership Operations Committee Council, currently acting as the Council’s Co-Chair.


Lisa Walsh

Senior Director, Employee and Labour Relations

Dan Langham

Dan Langham

Director, Environmental Health and Safety

As the Director of Environmental Health and Safety, Dan leads a multifunctional team that is responsible for directing, planning, and managing the delivery of environmental health and safety services and programs to promote a healthy and safe work and study environment at the university and to comply with all levels of environmental health and safety legislation. Dan, and his team, monitor the university's due diligence by developing and maintaining evaluation system to monitor compliance.  This includes providing expert advice to senior administrators, faculties and departments on environmental health and safety risk.  Dan holds a BA (Honours) and a MSc from the University of Guelph and prior to joining Queen's University, he worked extensively in the oil and gas sector both in Canada and the Middle East.   Previously, he served as the Chair of the Council of Environmental Health & Safety Officers for Ontario Universities (CEHSO) and was Vice-Chair of the Canadian Association of University Business Officer’s Risk Management Committee. Dan recently rejoined the executive of CEHSO and is a member of the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists and the Ontario Association of Emergency Managers.  

The Intake Assessment Team may be adjusted from time to time to include individuals who may inform the proper assessment of a complaint or report, such as the Associate Vice-Principal (Faculty Relations) and/or the Assistant Dean (Student Life and Learning).


If you have any questions related to the Harassment and Discrimination Policy and Procedures, you can reach out to the following offices: