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Annual Meeting of University Council

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ellis Hall

Theme: What Keeps the Principal Awake at Night? Medium and Long-Term Planning Issues for Queen's

Morning Program

7:45 am Registration and Refreshments
8:30 am Opening and preliminary business

Chancellor David A. Dodge
8:40 am State of the University Address

Daniel Woolf, Principal and Vice-Chancellor
9:10 am Provost's Report

Bob Silverman, Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic)
9:30 am Q/A with Senior Administration
10:00 am Break
10:20 am Q & A
  1. Council Representatives on the Board of Trustees Report (PDF*, 251 KB)
  2. QUAA President Report (PDF*, 759 KB)
10:30 am Presentation on Branding

Helena Debnam, Executive Director, Marketing and Communications

Kathleen Vollebregt, Director, University Marketing Charles Leech (ABM Research/john st.)
11:15 am Report on Governance issues:
  1. State of Charter - Chancellor David A. Dodge
  2. Council Form and Function - Chancellor David A. Dodge
  3. Costs and Contributions

    Ellen Henderson, Dave Masotti, Doug McFadden, Krystyna Williamson
11:45 am Outline of Afternoon session

Chancellor David A. Dodge
12:00 noon Lunch, Ban Righ Dining Hall

Afternoon Program

1:00pm Group workshops (3.5 hours) (Refreshments will be available at 2:45pm)
  1. The Financial Situation

    Subgroup A
    How the University's Finances Work  (PDF*, 262 KB)

    Group Lead: Caroline Davis, VP Finance and Administration


    Subgroup B
    Blue Sky Work: Out of the box initiatives for revenue generation or cost savings  (PDF*, 266 KB)

    Group Leads:

    Donna Janiec, Associate VP Finance

    Bob Silverman, Provost and VP Academic


    Subgroup C
    Improving organizational efficiency  (PDF*, 55 KB)

    Group Leads:

    Ann Browne, Associate VP Facilities

    Eoin MacDonald, Director, Strategic Procurement Services


    Subgroup D
    The optimal size and shape of the University [no material to review prior to the meeting]

    Group Leads:

    John Pierce, Associate VP and Dean of Student Affairs

    Jo-Anne Brady, University Registrar
  1. The Teaching and Learning Environment

    Subgroup E
    NSSE: measuring and enhancing student engagement  (PDF*, 1,057 KB)

    Group Leads:

    Chris Conway, Director, Institutional Research and Planning

    Cynthia Fekken, Associate Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science


    Subgroup F
    Teaching and Technology

    Group Leads: Andy Leger, Centre for Teaching and Learning

    Ann Godlewska, Geography
  1. Queen's and the World

    Subgroup G
    Queen's in the international context (PDF*, 387 KB)

    Group Leads:

    John Dixon, Vice-Provost International

    Wayne Myles, Director, International Centre


    Subgroup H
    Queen's in the national, regional and local contexts  (PDF*)

    Group Leads:

    Sheilagh Dunn, Director, Public and Government Affairs

    Charles Sumbler, Coordinator, Academic Integrity & Special Projects>


    Subgroup I
    Branding and the capital campaign (PDF*, 724 KB)

    Group Leads:

    Tom Harris, VP Advancement

    Kathleen Vollebregt, Director, University Marketing

    Helena Debnam, Executive Director, Marketing and Communications

    Heather Macdonald, Campaign Director
4:30 pm Plenary Session and Closing Remarks

Chancellor David A. Dodge

Daniel Woolf, Principal and Vice-Chancellor
5:00 pm Adjournment

Evening Program - Ban Righ Dining Hall

6:15 pm Chancellor’s Reception
7:00 pm Dinner

Chancellor David Dodge presiding

(Cash Bar)

Business Attire
Presentation of Distinguished Service Awards to:

David Bevan (in absentia)

Louise Cannon

Brian Cookman

Heino Lilles

Kathleen Macmillan

David Walker


*PDF files can be viewed using Adobe Reader.