University Secretariat and Legal Counsel

University Secretariat and Legal Counsel
University Secretariat and Legal Counsel

Administration and Operations Index of Policies


Policy Name Issuing Authority  Issued Last Revised
Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Policy University 2018  

Accessibility Policy

University 2013 2018

Administrative Student Surveys

University 2015  

Alcohol Policy, Queen's University

University   2020

Policy on Booking, Use, and Cancellation of Bookings in University Space

University 2017 2019

Policy on Collecting Information About Sex and Gender at Queen's University

University 2017  

Creating, Reviewing and Administering University Policy

University 2013  

Policies and Procedures for Activities Involving Minors: 

Protection of Minors Involved in University Camps, Programs & Activities Policy

Establishing and Operating a Camp for Minors Policy

University 2016 2019

Film Policy

University 2017 2017

Flag Policy

University 2019  

Free Expression at Queen's University

University 2018 2018
Gender Neutral Washrooms Policy University 2012  

Infectious Disease, Policy and Procedure for Reporting and Managing 

University 2003  

Internal Loans Policy

Procedure for Internal Loans

University 2014  
Policy on the Handling of Personal Health Information University 2018  
Records Management Policy University 2003 2018
Senior Search Policy University 2014  

Smoke-Free University Policy

University 2019 2024

Visual Identity Policy

(for more information about Visual Identity Standards at Queen's please visit

University 2001 2017