University Secretariat and Legal Counsel

University Secretariat and Legal Counsel
University Secretariat and Legal Counsel

Procedure for Creating, Reviewing and Administering University Policy

Contact Officer: Executive Director, Office of the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic)
Purpose To identify the procedures to be followed when creating University Policy and the format for University Policies, Procedures and Guidelines.
Procedure Step 1  Identification of Need: Any member of the University community may suggest that a new University policy, or revision to an existing policy, is required.
  Step 2 Approval of Concept: A proposal for a new University Policy, or revision to an existing University Policy, must first be made to the responsible Senior Administrative Officer.  Following a determination of need by the Senior Administrative Officer, the proponent of a University Policy shall consult the University Secretariat for advice on existing and related policies, and consultation of stakeholders (including advice about the need for legal review), and identify the appropriate approval path.
  Step 3

Drafting and Consultation: The Senior Administrative Officer will ensure the proper drafting of the proposed University Policy by the proponent, including:

  • research to ensure best practices,
  • consultation with appropriate stakeholders to gain, in principle, agreement on policy,
  • provision for a communications plan and an implementation plan.


The Senior Administrative Officer will also be responsible (where recommended by the Policy Advisory Committee) for seeking legal advice from University Legal Counsel if required .


When drafting a University Policy, and its associated Procedure and Guideline, use the templates appended to this document (Appendix A, B, C and/or D).


Complete all sections, using clear, concise and unambiguous language.

Mark each document clearly as "DRAFT" and date the document.

Policies, Procedures and Guidelines should cross-reference each other to ensure coordination.

  Step 4 Draft Policy Review:

Submit the draft policy to the University Secretariat via , in an electronic format capable of manipulation (e.g. WORD) and with the prescribed Coversheet. 


The Secretariat will complete the first review and may send the draft back for additional input and/or clarification.


The Policy Advisory Subcommittee will review and comment on matters such as the format, the implementation and communications plan, the process of consultation, the appropriate approval path and the recommended review period and will return the draft Policy to the proponent.  The proponent or other knowledgeable individuals may be requested to attend a meeting of the Policy Advisory Subcommittee to provide background and context.


The Subcommittee may also assist VPOC in an evaluation of the implications of the policy, including potential risks, costs, and infrastructure requirements.


The proponent will, throughout the approval process, amend the Coversheet to keep the information up-to-date.

  Step 5  Approval: Depending on the scope and implications of a University Policy, it may be approved by:

  • The appropriate Senior Administrative Officer
  • The Vice-Principals' Operations Committee
  • Senate or
  • The Board of Trustees

 The proponent of the Policy may be asked to attend meetings of the above groups.

  Step 6

Implementation of the New Policy: Once approved, introduction and communication of the Policy will be the responsibility of the Senior Administrative Officer. The Policy should be communicated to all relevant units and employees, and arrangements should be made by the Senior Administrative Officer for appropriate training, interpretation, and compliance monitoring.

The Secretariat will add the policy to the web-based Policy Library.

  Step 7

Maintenance of the Policy: The final approved policy will be deposited with the University Secretariat in an electronic format capable of manipulation for custodial and management purposes.

  Step 8

Policy Review: The date of the first review is to be determined at the time of original approval.  At each subsequent review, a new review date is to be set.  A policy, procedure or guideline may be reviewed prior to the scheduled date, where necessary.  If for some reason there is no review date scheduled, the default is five years from the date of approval or the date of the last review, whichever is later.

  Step 9

Procedures and Guidelines:  Where procedures or guidelines are desirable for a new or revised Policy, the Senior Administrative Officer will be responsible for preparing these documents in the forms attached as Appendix B and C, respectively.  Final electronic versions of these documents will be referenced within the University Policy and will be filed with the Secretariat.

Appendix A:  Coversheet for New or Revised Policy

Appendix B:  Policy Template

Appendix C:  Procedure Template

Appendix D:  Guideline Template

Date Approved: 2013 April

Approval Authority:  Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Date of Commencement:  2013 April

Amendment Dates: 

Date for Next Review:  2018 April

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