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University Secretariat and Legal Counsel

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Harassment/Discrimination Complaint Policy and Procedures

The current version of the university’s harassment and discrimination policy was last reviewed and approved in 2000 by the Senate. Since then, an incredible amount of change has taken place on university campuses, in provincial and federal law, and in society at large, as it relates to harassment and discrimination. In 2016 Queen’s Human Resources put the Interim Workplace Harassment and Discrimination Policy in place. After some experience with both policies, the university identified that the Senate policy and the Workplace policy had overlap as well as gaps.

We need to update our policy and procedures to ensure a respectful and inclusive living, learning, and working environment can be provided to all university community members. This will support our commitment to preventing harassment and discrimination through education and other proactive measures and support the effective response to reports and complaints of harassment and discrimination.

The Policy and Procedure Documents

NOTE: Final versions of the Policy and Procedures will be presented to the Board of Trustees for approval on May 7, 2021. Approved versions will be posted to the Board of Trustees Policies Index website during the week of April 19, 2021. 

The Queen’s community was able to review and comment on the draft policy and procedure documents twice:

  • Dec. 14 to Jan. 29: Open for feedback on first version of the draft documents. All feedback received during Consultation Phase 1 was reviewed and considered by the Working Group and the university’s Senior Leadership Team. A summary of this feedback is posted here.
  • Feb. 22 to Mar. 5: Open for feedback on second version of the draft documents, updated based on first-round feedback.

For further details on the draft policy and procedures as well as the review process, please consult this Frequently Asked Questions document (PDF, 160KB).

Background Information