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The Use of Calculators in Tests or Examinations

Approved January 28, 1999


On January 28 the Senate accepted the recommendation of the Senate Committee on Academic Procedures that the 1994 Senate policy on the use of calculators in tests or examinations be revised. The rapidity of technological change in the area of calculators requires a different method of administering the policy than the one described in the 1994 policy.

The revised policy is as follows:

  1. For exams with Faculty/School approved calculators (using either an approved calculator sticker or having one or two "standard" calculators), the exam proctors will ensure that only the specified calculator is used for the exam; otherwise the instructors are responsible for ensuring that only the calculators they have specified are brought into the examination hall.

  2. If a range of calculators is allowed in a test or examination, consideration be given to ensuring fairness by such means as permitting textbooks and notebooks in the examination hall or by setting a test or examination which takes into account the differing capabilities of the calculators.